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If only all mornings would start like this...

We offer a wide and exciting brunch selection and a cozy atmosphere for all breakfast lovers from all around the world - now at two lovations in Budapest! 


Nomen est omen. We often hear this question from our guests tha, "Wow, this place is so homely, what does the name mean?" At such times, we just smile and put the compliment in our pockets modestly, as Á la Maison means exactly that: home, homey. And what makes a home even more intimate? A wonderfully set breakfast table, of course!

“In 2014, when we opened our first small restaurant with my brother, Nándor Zöldhegyi, there were no breakfast places in the city center " - recalls Andrea Zöldhegyi, the heart and soul and the owner of Á la Maison restaurants. “We wanted to create a restaurant where our guests could start their day in a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. We started with the basics, our first dishes were Croque Madame, Croque monsieur and, of course, Eggs Benedict, which has become our trademark, since. 


We have experimented with the recipe to create the perfect homemade English muffin, and we make it in the restaurant ever since. ”Á la Maison soon became very popular and it didn’t take long to grow out of the tiny shop. We finally found our forever home in Servita Square, where we have a wonderful time ever since.

We wait for you with a wide selection of breakfast and brunch dishes, weekly lunch menu, seasonal chef offers and even cocktails! Oh, and please do not expect portions like in a fine dining restaurant! An Eggs Benedict, for example, will be more than enough until lunch. Also, do not miss the Flat Avocado Toast or the Goose Liver Benedict with Edam cheese and red onion jam! 


We are so happy that more and more of you find us and also that we can greet familiar faces over and over again. Let us share with you a compliment that we have received from a French gentleman that sums up perfectly what kind of atmosphere you can expect at the Á la Maison restaurant: he said that he felt so at home, and everything tasted so good as if he had visited his Grandmother.

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